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The Australasian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry (ASCID) is an organisation which is committed to educating and training qualified dentists to perform conservative dental implant treatments with predictably high rates of success so that the community can benefit from simplified and more affordable options to missing teeth than other available options. The Society was founded in early 2011 by Dr. Joseph Shohmelian, a highly experienced dental implantologist from Sydney and lecturer/mentor/trainer in this advanced, yet simplified method of  conservative implant dentistry.​

The ASCID recommends KEYHOLE DENTAL IMPLANT techniques  for people with missing teeth and those who wear removable dentures.The advances over the past 15 years have brought about a revolution in implant dentistry SIMPLIFYING the entire process of replacing missing teeth and thereby making it far less painful, substantially reducing the cost and making treatment far more accessible for those patients who need it most. 

Simplifed "Keyhole Dental  Implant" techniques are performed with narrow solid implants which are 2-3.5mm in diameter. They are inserted through a very small hole placed in the gum (1-2mms) and are the most IDEAL and ECONOMICAL method to replace missing teeth with non-removable porcelain crowns and bridges.  

Since their introduction to Sydney in 2003, thousands of these implants have been successfully used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, complete dentitions with non-removable porcelain bridges or with stabilised removable dentures. 

Dr. Shohmelian is one of Sydney's first implant dentists and has personally performed thousands of various implant procedures since 1984 ..... but more importantly, apart from training many other dentists to perform these more refined treatments,  he has personally carried out more than 6,000 keyhole procedures for patients since 2003 with exceptionally high success rates exceeding 96% over a ten year period .

For helpful videos prepared by Dr. Shohmelian and current fee schedules and item numbers please visit his personal website at  
www.KeyholeImplantDentistry.com.au .


The Australasian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry