Missing teeth are a fact of life for millions of people around the world.  If you are one of them, this website aims to provide answers to your concerns and convince you that the replacement of your missing teeth using "Keyhole Dental Implants" to support non-removable porcelain crowns and bridges by Australian dentists is the most ideal option for you.




The most common current options to replace missing teeth are:

1.  A removable acrylic or metal partial denture with visible retainer wires
2.  A porcelain bridge which requires permanent and irreversible damage to adjacent teeth
3.  A conventional dental implant which requires surgery and a 6 month healing period
4. Conservative keyhole dental implants which do not require surgery, do not damage adjacent teeth and which allow           completion of treatment within a few short weeks! Due to the
simplicity of this technique, it also reduces the cost of           treatment to around $2800 per tooth

For these reasons, Conservative Keyhole Implant Dentistry is the The Most Desirable And Preferred Technique by 100% of INFORMED patients for the replacement of their missing or extracted teeth.  

Watch this short 8 minute video for more information about the modern methods for tooth replacement and why this keyhole method is the most ideal.

If you would like to learn about the benefits and problems associated with each of the options discussed in this video, you may like to purchase this 110 - page eBook  before making your decision. It will give you a greater understanding of why 100% of patients who are informed about the limitations of dentures, bridges and conventional implants  prefer to proceed with this most conservative option. Please note that as this is an international publication, the price is in US dollars but don't let that stop you, because  it is worth every penny if it saves you from unnecessary suffering and expense!


Dental Implants Cost

                           1.  Replacement Of A Single Front Tooth                                        Around $2,800


                           2.  Replacement Of A Single Side Tooth                                          Around $2,800

                            3.  Replacement Of 2 Back Teeth                                                      Around $5,600

                            4.  Replacement Of 3 Back Teeth                                                      Around $8,400 

                            5.  Replacement Of 10 Teeth In One Bridge                                     Around $28,000

                            6.  Replacement Of 14 Teeth In One Bridge                                   Around $28,000

7.  Stabilisation Of A Complete Lower Denture                               Around $6,800

​                                                                          A MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER OF THE ASCID 

Traditionally, dentistry could only offer removable false teeth or bridges for the replacement of missing teeth.

Since the early 1980's more complex treatments in the form of surgery to implant titianium screws into the jawbones were introduced. Today, because only a very small percentage of dentists have the training and the expertise to perform such complex implant treatments, the public are still being treated with undesirable options such as removable partial dentures and bridges.

Furthermore, the complex and expensive surgical implant techniques which were developed in the mid 1980's are still being practised by the majority of implant dentists, while non-surgical "keyhole" methods have been shown to achieve the same level of success, without the pain, cost and delay that accompanies "conventional" implants.  

From my perspective, having been a part of the evolution of these changes since 1984, I cannot and will not recommend the invasive and often unnecessary techniques offered by the majority of implant dentists while the desired outcome for my patients can be achieved with the conservative options of "Keyhole Implant Dentistry"!

The high cost of  complex implant treatments has often led  patients to consider visiting clinics in Thailand or other locations. Many Australian patients have changed their plans and had treatment locally when they have found out about what we can do for them with this more affordable, simplified technology.

I sincerely hope that, if you are unhappy with the idea of living with missing teeth or being condemned to wear a removable denture for the rest of your life, you will consider this wonderful option to recreate what you originally had, teeth that are anchored IN your jaws, not just sitting ON the gums!  

Patients who have benefited from Keyhole Implant Dentistry have had their lives transformed, usually by the end of their first visit, discarding their dentures and enjoying the natural feel of non-removable teeth once again.

I wish you the same life-changing experience.

I encourage you to contact any of the members of the Society listed on this website to find out if this type of treatment is suitable for your needs.  

If I may be able to help you personally, please do not hesitate to email me at the following address:
ASCIDenquiry@gmail.com  or call 1300 966 663

If possible, please attach any X-ray images you may have as well as any colour photos that may be relevant. I personally respond to each and every patient's email enquiry but if you need to call instead, please do so between the hours of 8am-3pm Mondays to Fridays and speak with Shannon or Jenny at reception. They are highly experienced in this field and will be able to assist you competently. If for some reason, they need me to speak with you also, please let them have your contact number and I shall call after 4pm on most weekdays.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Joseph Shohmelian

Founder and President
Australasian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry

Have you wondered why dental implants cost so much?

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